Amusclesdvanced Clinical Myofascial Release is a specific therapeutic massage technique that addresses the muscle and its casing – the fascia. Advanced clinical myofascial release helps to release restrictions in the fascial system, relieving pressure on bones, muscles, joints and nerves.       

Advanced clinical myofascial release techniques aim to reorganise and lengthen tight tissue allowing for improved movement within the body and within joints. It returns damaged tissues to a healthy state so they function normally without causing pain and discomfort. Other conditions treated include temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, neuralgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, or possibly fibromyalgia or migraine headaches, scar tissue healing and many more.

Advanced clinical myofascial release.  

Initial Consultation £90 for 90 minutes appointment (INCLUDING CRANIUM or TMJ THERAPY)
Subsequent appointments £60 for 60 minutes appointment 


Please note: we do not offer an ‘all over’ treatment. We treat the following:

Neck & Shoulder

Ribs & Thorax- may include Abdomen if needed

Back ,Pelvis & Hip, may include Abdomen if needed

Legs- thighs, knee, calves, foot

Specialised work on Cranium Work with or without TMJ work for various conditions including TMJ disorder- which includes jaw, face, neck & shoulder. This is specialised work to help you with ant headaches, jaw joint disorder, deep jaw pain, dizziness/vertigo, tinnitus, uneven teeth, twitching of face/eye muscles, bruxism, poor bite alignment that includes occlusal imbalances/malocclusions, whiplash/trauma/accident/injury to neck/jaw or head. chronic illnesses, displacement of TM discs, malformations of face, neck and jaw.

Initial Consultation £90 for 90 minutes appointment
Subsequent appointments £60 for 60 minutes appointment 

(£30 for each subsequent 30 mins)      







‘ What can i say – just prepare yourself for all those aches and pains to disappear! I received a beautiful pregnancy massage from Jeannie and would most certainly recommend it to friends. As a therapist myself, I know the difference between a great treatment and an ok one, this one was great. I am relaxed in mind as much as in body and Jeannie made me feel right at home because not only she is a beautiful and genuine person, but she also knows what she is doing.’